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As specialists in powder coating, we have the know-how and resources to handle any of your Industrial, Commercial and or Custom coating needs. So whether you're an industrial client or a hobbyist, we have the capabilities to meet your project requirements.


· Powder Coating - As a true custom job shop, we can coat one part or thousands for our customers. We offer colors ranging from mild to wild, such as candies, pearls, metallic and clear coats. We support part size capabilities up to 9’ x 10’ x 30 ft. All parts receive degreasing and phosphate rinse pretreatment prior to coating to ensure good corrosion protection and adhesion. Powdercoat Pros offer coating services for commercial and industrial applications, however we also offer custom coating services on a full range of items such as, structural frames for motorcycles, Sandrails, Trailers and passenger cars. We have hundreds of colors available, textures, wrinkles, hammer-tones, glossy, semi-gloss, and flat finishes. We can custom match any color in ten working days.


· Special Masking - We get asked all the time “can a part be masked to prevent coating from getting in areas that it’s not supposed to be?” The answer is… YES! We use high temp polyester tapes and silicone plugs to keep your parts protected.


· Light Assembly - Post coating light assembly is available for our customers.


· Coating Removal - Sandblasting is available in house to save you time and money. We have large blast cabinets 15' x 8' x 8' ft (burn-off available offsite). Powdercoat Pros is your one stop coating shop!


· Transportation - If transportation issues are a headache, we can have our own trucks pick up and deliver your product in a convenient and timely manner (certain restrictions may apply, please call for details).